Plans for 160 acre motocross park to open near Boise this summer

Posted at 8:39 PM, Mar 29, 2017
and last updated 2017-03-30 00:31:41-04

What may look like a big dirt lot is a blank canvas for Andrew and Andrea Anderson.  It's the future home of the new ARC, or Anderson Racing Compound, a public motocross park and training center for all ages and skill levels. 

"We are going to have multiple tracks. We're going to have junior motocross tracks. We're going to have little teeny tracks so the guys on the little peewees can go bump around and start learning. We will have a little bit more advanced stuff for the kids that are a little bit bigger," explained Andrew Anderson.

With 160 newly purchased acres to work with just east of Boise off Simco Road, the Anderson's have plans for a vintage track, a track for UTV's and ATV's, a round track, and even a flat track.

The plans are ambitious, but like many ideas, it started off very simply, after Andrew's daughter found the same love for motocross that her dad had as a kid.

"The first thing I did was start looking where in our community can I take her and train her, where can we go and put those hours in," said Andrew. "The more I looked, I couldn't find anything."

So, Andrew started looking for a couple of acres to put a track on, and once word started to spread, Andrew said he met an entirely new community of riders he didn't know existed who were lacking a place to call their own. That's when then ARC was born.

"We really want this to be a place where it doesn't matter if you are a professional needing to come put in some laps for a race that is coming up, or you're the family that just loves getting out and playing in the dirt. There will be something for everyone out at the park," said Andrew.

They said they want the communities input to make it a place that everyone can enjoy. To let them know what you would like to see just click here and give them a call, or send them a message. 

"We might not be able to fill every want, need, and desire of our community, but we are going to be able to fulfill a lot of them," said Andrew.

While it may just look like a dirt lot, to the Anderson's it's a dream come true. 

"We're still a ways away from knowing the final picture of what the arc will look like, but it's going to be great," said Andrew.

The Anderson's hope to have at least a few tracks open by the beginning of summer.