Pit Bull ban lifted in Fruitland

Posted at 10:01 PM, Dec 13, 2016
and last updated 2016-12-14 11:26:38-05
After nearly ten years and multiple lawsuits, the City of Fruitland has lifted their long-standing ban on pit bulls.
"They've taken a real hard look at their breed discriminatory ordinance and thankfully made a strong course correction and repealed that ill-conceived law," said Adam Karp of Animal Law Offices.
One lawsuit was filed earlier this year after Fruitland residents Justin Smith and Aubrey Ann Iwasa decided they wanted to get a blue nose pit bull. 
"He was a puppy and I believe they checked with law enforcement to make sure it was ok and they were assured by the city of Fruitland Brody could come in," said Karp.
"They flew him in and I think within a few days of him coming in the officer they talked to said oops I made a mistake we actually have a breed ban so you can't have him here."
Their lawyer said the new dog parents had to live under a cloud of fear that at any moment they or even worse yet, their new puppy could be punished.
"Even though Brody had never done anything. or never even looked cross-eyed at another dog or cat or a person he never was harmful to anyone or anything," said Karp.
They Mayor of Fruitland said today that the city simply does not have the resources to fight the lawsuit and felt it was in the best interest of the city to modify the language in the ordinance to allow the breed, something that Karp said his clients are relieved to hear.
"They won't have to look over their shoulders when they are walking their dog and wonder is somebody going to come and snatch Brody away?" explained Karp
The City of Fruitland said the new language still protects the community from dangerous dogs.