Community Baby Shower: Picky eaters in your family? Albertsons dietitian offers advice

Posted at 9:27 AM, Jun 20, 2017
and last updated 2017-06-21 12:37:43-04
Six On Your Side's 11th Community Baby Shower is Wednesday, June 21st.
This week we're learning more from an Albertsons dietitian with nutrition advice for new moms.
Every family has one. A picky eater. But don't call them a picky eater.
"Say they're learning to love new foods or they're experimenting with new foods. They hear they're a picky eater and they pick up on that negative connotation," said Molly Tevis an Albertsons in-store registered dietitian.
Tevis says to make a change, it all starts with a positive attitude at a young age.
"Whether they're a toddler, a baby, an adolescent or a teenager, have them pick up their food, play with it, touch it, smell it, and create an environment in the house that's going to be welcoming to new food. You want to eat it, their brother and sister want to eat it, and everyone sits down at the table together and eats it as a family," Tevis said.
Encourage kids to help with the family grocery shopping. Let them pick out a new fruit or vegetable at the store every week.
"Something that might spark their interest like a dragon fruit because it's kind of funny looking or maybe they choose a bell pepper because it's red. Then have them prepare it for dinner or have them prepare it for their snack. If they have some vested interest in it they'll be proud to show the family what they've made and they'll be more likely to try it," Tevis said.
And if kids are stuck, only agreeing to eat the same thing every meal, try slowly adding in other foods.
"If it becomes that fist out fight, feed them what they want to eat, then slowly incorporate and guide in one new food at a time. Macaroni and cheese and maybe we add in some peas, or macaroni and cheese and maybe some broccoli, so they're getting a familiar food and a food you know is safe for them, but you're starting to bridge that gap," Tevis recommended.
Try to make every meal fun.
"We're all about social media, kids know how to work phones and they know how to work the TV, so it's really fun to record them with the phone like it's an interview or cooking show, or have them get up and present their meal in front of the family. It gets them involved and lets them have some fun with it. Also make it a name game. Instead of steamed carrots we're having x-ray vision sticks or instead of broccoli it's brain trees," Tevis said.
And Tevis says if they still don't like the food, try changing the way it's prepared.
"Hot versus cold, it doesn't always have to be raw, it doesn't always have to be cooked. Try blending it in with something or try it by itself. Even fruits and veggies you can cut into stars or hearts. Cut your oranges and call them basketball wedges, that way the kids can grab them with their hands and it's appealing to their eyes," Tevis said.
Albertsons and Blue Cross of Idaho are proud supporters of Six On Your Side's 11th Community Baby Shower.
Wednesday, June 21st donate new baby items at any Treasure Valley Albertsons location and they'll go straight to four local incentive based nonprofits. Albertsons is also donating $10 for every #idahobabies posted on Facebook and Twitter.
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