Phase I of Nampa wastewater project underway

Posted at 4:42 PM, Mar 18, 2019
and last updated 2019-03-19 11:46:49-04

NAMPA — Four phases and $165 million later, Nampa wastewater is getting an upgrade starting this month with Phase I.

"37 million is going to be actually for just one component of a multiple-year project," said public works director Tom Points.

$37 million is allotted for construction, like upgrades, capacity issues and regulatory requirements for the wastewater plant in Nampa.

"Behind us is a digester we're putting in, which helps break down the solids so we can further process those and turn it into clean water," said Points.

It might not sound or smell glamorous, but it's needed to improve Nampa's water up to class A requirements, including the water going to your front yard.

"Allows it to be safely used on lawn and go into irrigation canals. It also gives us an opportunity to supply that to future industrial customers, which would be coming to town, which would create jobs," said Points.

If you think the numbers sound steep, the Department of Environmental Quality says that's what the 30-year repayment period is for.

"The interest rate is 1.68 percent, if I remember correctly, and so for this large of a loan it is going to save them tens of millions of dollars over a 30-year repayment period," said loan program manager Timothy Wendland.

Public Works say the remaining 3 phases will be completed by 2028, if all goes according to plan and with possibly adding a re-use permit to the mix.

"Instead of water into Indian Creek, put it into a canal, which can be used by irrigation users so it's a real positive for the community," said Points.