Personal use fuelwood season starts July 1 on the Boise National Forest

Boise National Forest
Posted at 4:02 PM, Jun 29, 2020
and last updated 2020-06-29 18:34:04-04

BOISE, Idaho — Personal use fuelwood permits for the Boise National Forest will be available for sale beginning July 1, through Nov. 30, 2020. To reduce the risk of COVID-19 exposure to the public and employees the Boise National Forest is offering multiple choices to purchase personal fuelwood permits. Fuelwood permits are valid within the Boise, Payette and Sawtooth Forests.

  1. Vendors in surrounding communities will be selling personal use fuelwood permits.
  2. All mail-in applications will be processed at the Cascade Ranger District
  3. Call-in applications will be processed at all Ranger District offices
  4. Visitor Information Center/BLM Public Room, 1387 S. Vinnell Way, Boise, Idaho

The mail-in and call-in methods are innovative ways to provide customer service and continue social distancing guidelines without exposing people to additional risk. Forest officials will not be selling permits in Ranger District offices until further notice. Applications will be accepted starting June 29.

Mail-in applications are available to print or can be picked up outside Ranger District offices and mailed to the Cascade Ranger District.

Mail-in applications with check or money order payable to UDSA (No Cash) to:
Cascade Ranger District
Attn: Fuelwood Program
P.O. Box 696
Cascade, ID 83611

Call-in applications with a credit card will be processed at these Ranger District Offices.

  • Mountain Home Ranger District 208-587-7961
  • Idaho City Ranger District 208-392-6681
  • Cascade Ranger District 208-382-7400
  • Lowman Ranger District 208-259-3361
  • Emmett Ranger District 208-365-7000

Fuelwood permit prices remain at $6.25 per cord with a 4-cord minimum and a 10-cord maximum per household. Please note we cannot sell permits for only 2 cords. If you want all 10 cords, permits purchased will need to be 5 cords and 5 cords, or 4 cords and 6 cord, or all 10 cords at once. The Boise National Forest offered Free-use Fuelwood Permits from May 15 thru June 30. Free-use fuelwood collected, counts as personal use toward the 10-cord maximum per household per year.
Permit holders are encouraged to cut fuelwood early in the year because fire restrictions may impact the cutting season later in the summer. Early season fuelwood cutters are asked to use caution to avoid wet muddy roads where travel may cause resource damage. Fuelwood cutting is not allowed within riparian areas (adjacent to creeks and rivers).

A new regulation for this year is no cutting of Larch (Tamarack) after November 1. Larch lose their needles every fall and appear to be dead, resulting in too many live trees being accidentally cut. This new regulation is to prevent the cutting of live Larch trees after they have lost their needles in the fall.