Permitless concealed carry takes effect

Posted at 10:01 PM, Jul 01, 2016
and last updated 2016-07-02 00:01:28-04
New state laws go into effect today in Idaho,  including permitless concealed carry. 
Adult Idaho residents can now carry a firearm -- hidden from plain view -- with less paper work. 
Supporters of the change say it is not just a victory for Idaho, but the Second Amendment.
"We've been doing this for four years, trying to push this through. And all the way up until the governor signed it, we just had no idea whether or not it was going to pass," said Greg Pruette, executive director of the Idaho 2nd Amendment Alliance. 
Idaho 2nd Amendment Alliance helped push the new law through the statehouse. 
At a celebration at Capitol Park, Congressman Raul Labrador congratulated them on their efforts. 
"You should have the right to carry your firearm without first having to get permission from the government," explained Pruette.
"I'm about 93 percent pleased," said Robert Krone, a firearms instructor and owner of RK Gun Smithing
Krone says just because you do not need a permit in Idaho, does not mean gun owners should neglect safety.
"The other 7 percent is wanting people to get training. Keep trained. Keep practicing," explained Krone.
"If you are going to be a responsible gun owner, get out and do as much training as you possibly can," urged Pruette.
The Idaho 2nd Amendment Alliance says there is a still work to be done.  They say they will continue to lobby for more pro-gun legislation.