Participants rappel off U.S. Bank as "Over the Edge" fundraiser

Posted at 7:04 PM, Sep 22, 2018
and last updated 2018-09-23 17:02:01-04

With many nonprofits, fundraising plays a huge part. But sometimes getting asked to donate over and over again to different causes gets a little repetitive. 

So the Boise Valley Habitat for Humanity decided to switch things up.

"So many times as we go out and look for ways that we might raise funds, it's the same old thing. And when we heard about this, we knew it wasn't the same old thing," says Boise Valley Habitat for Humanity Executive Director, Tom Lay.

So this year they brought it back for its third run. Edgers took on all 20 stories of U.S. bank. Anxieties were high, but not as high as their ambitions.

"I worked with my family friends and neighbors to help me raise money to send me over the edge. I think they were happy to see me a little scared," says participant Diana Lachiondo.

Participant’s had to round up at least $1,000 to get this chance of a lifetime.

"That money goes right to building houses and buying land. It's for families with modest but consistent incomes," says Lay.

Boise Valley Habitat for Humanity even roped our McKenna King into it.

Seventy people made their mark on the cause and left a footprint on the building, raising over $70,000. But it didn't just raise funds, it also raised awareness, as thousands of people strolled through Downtown Boise with their eyes pointed at the sky.

"It's a great icebreaker! All the sudden we start talking about Habitat for Humanity," says Lay.

While it shakes your nerves for a few minutes, the general response from the participants was… 

"Would I do it again? Absolutely," says participant Sara Simpson.

But it may not be for everyone, Lay says, "You know I keep being dared with it every year, but pretty soon I'll run out of excuses."

If you want to learn more about the cause, or how you can participate in the future, head the Boise Valley Habitat for Humanity.