ParkMobile facing class-action lawsuit after data breach

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Posted at 11:43 AM, Jun 02, 2021
and last updated 2021-06-02 13:44:25-04

This article was written by Margaret Carmel of BoiseDev.

If your data was compromised through Boise’s parking app, someone is fighting for you in court.

At the end of May, a Vermont customer of Atlanta-based parking company ParkMobile filed suit in a Georgia federal court over a data breach that impacted 21 million customers nationwide, including 80,000 users in Boise. The suit alleges the breach was a “direct and proximate result” of ParkMobile failing to implement “basic security procedures” to protect customer information, according to

The company announced thehack at the end of March, which compromised customer email addresses, license plate numbers, phone numbers and vehicle nicknames, if provided by the user. Hackers also breached mailing addresses in “a small percentage of cases”, according to a company spokesman. Encrypted account passwords were stolen during the attack, but not the keys required to read the passwords themselves.

The company does not collect driver’s license numbers, social security numbers, or birthdays. Attackers did not steal credit card information or parking history.

No action necessary

In the filing, the plaintiff said she spent “valuable time” changing passwords and the hack led to numerous fraudulent emails trying to obtain more of his personal information.

The suit hopes to represent anyone in the United States whose personal information was breached in the incident. If the case moves ahead and ParkMobile reaches a settlement, customers impacted will have an opportunity to claim some compensation if the court decides it is appropriate.

There is no action needed to join the suit.