Parking prices going up in downtown Boise CCDC garages

Posted at 10:38 PM, Nov 13, 2017
and last updated 2017-11-14 15:11:02-05

Get ready to shell out more money for parking in downtown Boise.

On Monday, the Capital City Development Corp. Board of Commissioners voted unanimously for a fee increase.

The proposal drew a mixed response from residents who shared their opinions with board members.  

Chase Erkins, who works downtown, is in favor of the increase and sees it as an economic boost. 

"I'm for increasing the prices downtown so in the future we have a more robust mass transportation system that can be utilized by everyone throughout the valley," said Erkins.

Small business owner Dale Reese is against the increase, saying it's just not in his budget.

"The main reason we are opposed to it is because it's going to affect our operating cost and our ability to keep our company downtown," said Reese.

In the end, though, board members decided to go ahead with the increase.

Beginning early next year, parking costs in downtown Boise CCDC garages will go up 50 cents an hour, while monthly rates will see up to a 30 percent increase.

On the plus side, drivers will also see an increase in garage parking spaces available, with roughly 600 new spots on the way. 

Max Clark, with CCDC, says the increase is fueled by two things: "One is the cost of operating and maintaining the garages has increased," said Clark. "Secondly, I want to provide some alternatives to driving your single occupied vehicle down to these garages."

Clark hopes the increased parking costs will encourage commuters to take advantage of public transportation, park and rides and carpooling.

The change will go into effect February 1st.