Parents and 1st responders urge safety on water after teen dies at Quinn's Pond

Posted at 9:05 PM, Jul 15, 2017
and last updated 2017-07-15 23:09:05-04

With temperatures heating up, many are cooling off by taking a dip, but on Friday a relaxing day at Quinn's pond turned deadly for a teenager. Boise police say a fifteen-year-old male was playing with friends when he went under the water. The Boise Fire Department's dive team was called out for a water rescue, but it was too late. The teen's body was found twenty-three minutes later. Police say he wasn't wearing a life jacket. 

"Safety. If you can't swim you should be wearing a life jacket," said Karl Foster who came to Quinn's pond to celebrate one of his grandchildren's birthday. 

For Karl, the news reassured him he is doing the right thing by buying life jackets for his grand kids. Boise Parks and Rec. does have a life jacket loaner station nearby but on busy days they can go quickly. 
"I like to keep my kids and grandkids around to be able to love them for the rest of my life, they want to enjoy their lives," said Foster.

Meanwhile, the Boise Fire Department continues to clear debris and downed trees from the Boise River. With the river flowing around 18-hundred cubic feet per second, firemen say it's still not safe to float but they're working to get it cleared.

"Some guys spending eight to ten hours a day out here working," said Captain Jarrod Wong of the Boise Fire Department. 

With many headed to Idaho's lakes and ponds this summer, the Boise Fire Department says life jackets are recommended for you children and inexperienced swimmers. They also want you to keep an eye out for your friends and family. 

"Always keep your eyes on your kids and even adults keep your eyes on your buddies have buddies out there know what you're doing know where you're going," said Captain Wong.