Owyhee wrestling teams pull an 8-ton truck to raise money for the program

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Posted at 4:48 PM, Nov 22, 2022
and last updated 2022-11-22 18:48:10-05

If you were driving around Meridian on Tuesday morning, you might've seen a group of kids pulling around a big moving truck. That was the Owyhee wrestling team, they pulled the 8-ton truck up and down Owyhee Storm avenue for five miles.

The team was fundraising to help with team costs, especially the funds it takes to travel across the state to different meets and tournaments. Boys wrestling coach Tim Young says that his team's philosophy is that they should earn every dollar they ask for. While this truck-pulling event is something fun for the team, it also teaches them lessons.

“It’s a teaching moment," said Young. "It’s a team-building moment, throughout this process. I know some kids are going to get tired, they’re going to want to give up. They are going to have to pull each other along, and literally pull each other through this event.”

Owyhee is a new school. The team and the program have only been around for over a year. The program has grown through that time though, especially the girls' wrestling team.

Last season they only had four athletes on the roster. This year, they are up to 15. Girls' wrestling in the state needs around 500 athletes to get a sanctioned state tournament. State-wide, the sport only needs around 50 more athletes to get to that number.

The girls team head coach, Hannah Dupay spent time wrestling in college, and she wants her athletes to know there is a future for women in this sport.

That sentiment is something that is already taking hold in the team.

“I want to go to a girls wrestling college," said junior Elena Guerena, who is the girls team captain. "I think that would be a huge thing for me. I think it would be super impactful in my life and I just think even if I don’t go D-one, it’s just a great opportunity for me to go out and improve myself mentally and physically.”

Both teams will start competitions in the first week of December.

They are still trying to raise funds for their program.

Their donation page can be found here.