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WILD about Turkeys workshop goes virtual

Posted at 10:03 AM, Nov 10, 2020
and last updated 2020-11-12 11:05:47-05

Idaho Fish and Game is pivoting their fall WILD workshop to a virtual setting because of the pandemic.

The WILD workshops focus on helping educators around the state discover new ways to teach wildlife conservation and ecological concepts in their classrooms.

Fish and Game's popular fall WILD workshop, WILD About Turkeys, will be composed of several modules related to wild turkeys, habitats, conservation, and wildlife management.

"I watched a few lessons one evening, and found a lesson I could use right away," said Karole Beddoes, who teaches third grade. "We are learning about flight in our engineering unit, and there was a video about Bernoulli's principle of flight. It explained the principle using bird wings, and the students loved it!

Fish and Game says those interested in the workshop can register now, and complete the modules anytime before December 30, 2020. Fish and Game says some of the modules take only a few minutes to complete, and others take a little longer—but participants can work at their own pace and on their own schedule!

Here is what is in store for virtual workshop participants:

  • Short informational videos that teach basics about turkey biology and ecology, adaptations, habitat, and conservation.
  • Fun and educational activities to be used in the classroom or even in an online-learning environment;
  • A National Wild Turkey Federation educator’s guide;
  • An Idaho Fish and Game educator’s supplement;
  • Materials to create a homemade turkey call (feathers and all!);
  • Continuing education credit (optional).

Cost: $20 for the workshop, includes all guides and materials.

Cost for optional continuing education credit: $60 payable to Northwest Nazarene University and $24.50 for online Hunter Education course.

Fish and Game says this new virtual workshop will be a resource for school teachers (K-12), online instructors, homeschool educators--even parents looking for tools to supporting their online learners.

(Photo courtesy Idaho Fish and Game)