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Volunteers help the BLM with a restoration project at Dedication Point

Posted at 2:47 PM, Oct 22, 2021
and last updated 2021-10-22 16:47:31-04

The Morley Nelson Snake River Birds of Prey National Conservation Area features the largest population of nesting raptors in North America.

The Bureau of Land Management is working on a restoration effort at Dedication Point, one of the places where the public can easily access the Snake River Canyon.

Several volunteers showed up on Friday morning to help the BLM who manages this land plant native flora including sagebrush, bunny brush and winterfat shrubs.

"Dedication Point is an interpretive site and a lookout over the Snake River canyon and it has experienced fires in the past," said Ann Marie Raymondi of the BLM. "We coming in with some native species and this is part of a multi-year restoration project."

Volunteers showed up for a variety of reasons, but for Carol Fogle, she was inspired by her aunt Ruth Melichar who has a bird center named after her in Boise that rescues and rehabilitates more than 3,000 birds and animals every year.

"She kept owls, hawks and whatever until they were rehabbed and it kind of got me interested in this whole area too," said Fogle. "She was kind of an amazing person."

Fogle showed up with her husband, and it is just one of several times throughout the year and the Treasure Valley that Carol came out to volunteer her time for nature.

"So they can survive," said Fogle when we asked her why she does it. "There is too much encroachment of civilization on wildlands and I like the wildlands."

The BLM told us they appreciate the help and it provides them with an opportunity to interact with the public on public lands.

"These events are just a way for us to let the public know that we manage these landscapes for the public benefit," said Raymondi. "We really just try to encourage responsible use of public lands because really they are everyone's resources and we all need to work together to maintain and protect them."

The Bureau of Land Management will be out at dedication point again on Saturday if you are interested in volunteering, the plants help ensure a good ecosystem for the raptors.