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Tightlines 208 helping others become successful anglers

Posted at 1:55 PM, Apr 14, 2021
and last updated 2021-04-15 09:47:32-04

IDAHO — When Mike Lofton moved to Idaho from Alaska, he wanted to get out on the water immediately and chase fish like he's done all his life.

But, being from out of state, Lofton wasn't sure where to go and what to use to be successful.

“I’ve been fishing for most of my life," Lofton said. "I would chase salmon and halibut, so when I relocated here, I knew nothing about the local lakes, the water, and the species, so I was looking for an option to learn something about fishing.”

That's when he found Tightlines 208.

Tightlines 208 was created by local fishing expert Jordan Rodriguez because he wanted to share his passion for fishing and the outdoors with others. Each month, Rodriguez holds fishing classes and gives lessons on catching different types of fish.

This week's class was "All About That Bass." Local anglers in the class learned how to tie different knots, set up different rigs, and had an open discussion.

Lofton says the classes have made him a more successful angler.

“It’s given me more confidence when I go out to a new body of water or pursue a new species," Lofton said. "It has given me a lot of confidence in different techniques to use on different species."

But, the biggest thing Rodriguez loves about the classes is the fishing community it builds.

“We meet a lot of cool people who have a passion for the outdoors, just like I do, and that is exciting," Rodriguez said. "We have a lot of people who form friendships here in the class and they will become fishing friends and fishing partners and have success.”

As someone who wants to fish for many years to come, Rodriguez also teaches his class a lot about ethical fishing.

"I want them to do it the right way not only in terms of setting up their gear and what they are going to use, but how do we create sustainable fisheries? How do we harvest fish in a responsible manner? How do we leave the place better than it was before," Rodriguez said. "Those are the types of things that if we are creating that kind of angler, it won’t matter how many of us are out there. The fisheries are going to be better off."

To find out more or to sign up for the next class, click here.