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'It's a great time for anglers': Spring fishing in Idaho

Posted at 4:57 PM, Mar 24, 2021

IDAHO — Are you looking for a fun, COVID-friendly, outdoor activity that anyone can do? Then fishing is for you, especially this time of year in Idaho.

“Spring is a great time to go fishing,” Jordan Rodriguez, fishing expert and owner of Tight Lines 208, said.

Not only is the weather getting warmer, but there are more opportunities.

“Idaho Fish and Game is very active in stocking rainbow trout in the local ponds, reservoirs, things of that nature," Rodriguez said. "Because of the cooler water temperatures, the survivability is better when they stock those fish right now.”

Along with trout, bass and bluegill are starting to get active as well, but knowing where to go can always be a challenge.

“Some of our bigger more popular fisheries include C.J. Strike, which is well known for crappie, perch, trout, bass also when it becomes a little bit warmer, and that is a very large reservoir," Rodriguez said.

Lucky Peak and Arrow Rock reservoir also have plenty of opportunities as well.

Rodriguez says if you're interested, it's simple to get started.

“With bass fishing a couple of spinnerbaits, a couple of crankbaits, and some soft plastic lures. That can go a long way," Rodriguez said. "With trout a couple of spinners and setting up different types of bait fishing whether it be under a bobber or at the bottom with weights.”

For trout, he recommends fishing at the bottom with a weight and a worm or power bait.

"Trout right now tend to be feeding at the bottom of the lakes and reservoirs," Rodriguez said.

For bass, he recommends fishing in covered areas with weeds and grasses.

“Bass are very associated with cover, so they are ambush predators. They want to be hiding and hidden from whatever it is they are hunting," Rodriguez said. “That can catch a lot of fish just with those two tactics.”

The key for any angler, whether you're seasoned or just starting out, is to be patient.

“Patience is associated with fishing, especially when you are first starting out," Rodriguez said. "Not the patience to just sit there all day and not change anything, but the patience to try different methods, to try different techniques, to try different places and figure out what works and what you enjoy doing.”

The best thing about Idaho fishing is there is something for everyone.

Whether you prefer fly fishing in the high mountain streams or catching 10-foot-long white sturgeon in the Snake River, Idaho has it all.

“We are very fortunate in that regard to have access to public lands, to have very open policies with Fish and Game, and to have both an abundance of species to catch and different places and environments to fish,” Rodriguez said.

If you are looking for professional help, whether that be a lesson fishing or going with an expert guide, Tight Lines 208 can help you year-round