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Soaking in Idaho hot springs: The Gem State has so many geo-thermal features

Posted at 10:32 AM, Nov 17, 2022
and last updated 2022-11-17 12:58:40-05

IDAHO — Idaho features more than 100 hot springs scattered all across the state which provide ample opportunities for people to relax in mineral-filled pools.

When the cold weather arrives one of my favorite things to do is go exploring to seek out new hot springs to check out, there is just something magical about soaking in a hot pool surrounded by the snow.

For an epic winter adventure, people can rent snowmobiles and make the 23-mile ride to Burgdorf Hot Springs north of McCall. This area has primitive cabins where people can stay overnight and a short ride to the Secesh Stage Stop provides burgers and beer.

We took a trip to Burgdorf back in 2019 to check out this bucket list item. 23 miles on a snowmobile is a long ride in cold weather so make sure to dress appropriately for the ride, but the reward at the end is certainly worth the trip.

"You get a little bit chilly and jumping into this is awesome," said Travis Gibson who made the ride with his family. "This experience is now one of the top five cool things that I’ve done in my life."

For those less adventurous, Idaho features several developed hot springs like Givens Hot Springs southeast of Marsing, The Springs in Idaho City, Gold Fork near Cascade and Miracle Hot Springs in the Magic Valley.

Givens Hot Springs

Another option people have is to do their own research and seek out primitive hot springs in nature, these can be found all over the Gem State.

However, in recent years hot springs have been getting trashed, leading the Bureau of Land Management to close Skinny Dipper Hot Springs in 2016, And it hasn't opened since. Kirkham Hot Springs has experienced a tremendous amount of impact prompting the forest service to close the campground and make it a day-use area.

So if you head out into the Idaho wilderness it is important to pack out everything you bring in, if you take adult beverages don't bring glass because bottles are easy to break, creating a hazard for other people. And if you drink alcohol also bring some water because the hot water increases the effects of alcohol.

During the winter, people should be prepared to drive in the snow. Do your research to figure out how far the hot springs are from where you have to park and bring the proper clothing to stay warm and dry off after getting out of the water.

The most important thing is taking care of these hot springs. If everybody does their part to protect these natural treasures it means more opportunities for people to soak in the future and a more enjoyable time for everyone.