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Scout to Hunt puts together a modern day treasure hunt for shed hunters

Posted at 1:02 PM, May 04, 2023
and last updated 2023-05-04 21:12:18-04

BOISE, Idaho — Shed hunting is a popular activity for hunters in the shoulder season to get out in nature, stay in shape and continue to hone their skills in the wilderness while searching for antlers.

"For the diehard shed hunters, it is just a big passion and the anticipation of what they might find when they are out there," said Brenden Labrum of Scout to Hunt.

Scout to Hunt is a free app designed for shed hunters with off-grid maps, markers, and different layers that people can share with their family and friends.

"We created stats in the app for them to track their pile as it grows through out the season," Labrum. "Shed hunters can use that information the next season to determine where they can find more sheds."

Last year Scout to Hunt did something unique as they hid some antlers in Utah and the shed hunter who found it earned $50,000.

The modern-day treasure hunt was so successful they decided to do it again, but this year they hid five different sheds on public land in five states, including Idaho. The pay-off is 10K in Bitcoin or $10,000.

Shed hunters will need to know Idaho history and geography to have a chance at solving the Ultimate Rocky Mountain Shed Hunt, which starts with deciphering a riddle that was released on May 1.

Shed hunters can find the riddle on the app and every week Scout to Hunt will be releasing a hint to help people in this challenge. The first clue was released today.

"For any shed hunter who is interested in picking up a unique shed that comes with a nice prize, they can try to solve that riddle," said Labrum. "It's like a grown man's Easter egg hunt.”

The antlers have been hidden on public land, though in recent years Idaho trespassing laws have gotten more secure. So if you go out looking for the shed - be safe, be smart and stay off of private property.

The prize is not located in conservation areas, National Recreation Areas like the Sawtooths, or National Monuments like Craters of the Moon.