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McCall Digging Out

Posted at 6:11 PM, Mar 03, 2019
and last updated 2019-03-04 12:29:52-05

It was an epic February for snow in Idaho. Now March is here and the snow has stopped falling, but mountain towns like McCall are buried.

All of that snow has homeowners worried, resident deer confused and hungry, and cold weather entrepreneurs cashing in. Including some teenagers who say they've made thousands of dollars in the past few weeks. "I don't really care for the snow too much," said Tanner Davis. "But if the money is green, I'll do just about anything."

Everywhere you look people are digging out. Some are using the good old shovel, others are using long snow saws to cut chunks out of the snow that towers above their heads on the high rooftops along Payette Lake, and larger businesses are even bringing in cranes.

All of that heavy snow creates a dangerous situation--the potential collapse of roofs, especially those with little or no slope like the ones in this mobile home park. That's why Bill Carpenter has been on his roof at least once a week since the beginning of February.

"It wouldn't be standing," said Carpenter. "It wouldn't be standing. I've been up there at least seven times already shoveling it off there. With the weight load and everything like that, yeah, no. It wouldn't have lasted."

While some people are doing the hard work themselves, most of the people we found moving snow in McCall are in it for the money. We heard anecdotes of homeowners paying as much as seven thousand dollars to workers willing to take the dangerous load off of their homes. But even with all that money coming in, most everyone we talked to is ready for Spring.

"It's about time it needs to melt away," said Shane Carpenter. "It needs to warm up. It's too cold."

"I'm tired of it," said Josh Hernandez. "I like the money, but I'm tired of the snow."