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Idaho Power stocks Snake River with over 70,000 trout

Posted at 11:30 PM, Oct 14, 2020
and last updated 2020-10-15 08:31:49-04

IDAHO — Are you looking for an outdoor family activity that you can safely do while socially distanced?

Idaho Power started the process of stocking more than 70,000 rainbow trout along the Snake River this week. Another 8,000 trout will head to American Falls in November.

Idaho Power tankers dropped off the trout at the Bell Rapids Sportsmans Area, Centennial Park in Twin Falls, and CJ Strike Reservoir, south of Mountain Home.

“These are great fish to catch if you have small kids and want to go out and teach them to fish or experienced anglers are out there catching them. They are great to take them home and fry them up on the grill for a little family dinner,” said Idaho Power Communications Specialist, Brad Bowlin.

They have also tagged some of the trout, and if you catch one, Idaho Power is asking that you call and report it to them for your name to be entered into a $1,000 drawing.

Anglers who catch the tagged fish should also write down the tag number, the date the fish was caught, the location, and whether the fish was released.

Call 1-800-388-6011 to be eligible for the drawing.

Idaho Power would also like to remind all anglers to remain at least six feet apart from each other, which is about a full rods length.