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Idaho Master Angler connects local fishermen

Posted at 4:51 PM, Jan 20, 2021
and last updated 2021-01-21 09:47:42-05

IDAHO — Fishing is a great outdoor activity that is safe to do during the pandemic, and with all the lakes and rivers Idaho has to offer, there's an abundance of places for anglers to fish.

“I’ve always had a love for fishing and outdoors, and I would always want to film it because it is fun learning new things,” said Trace Keller.

When the pandemic hit, and school went remote, the Keller family, including Indiana (18), Trace (16), and Perrin (14), was looking for something the boys could do together.

“We were trying to think of something for one that they wouldn’t drive us crazy 24/7, haha, and something that they could learn a new skill doing a hobby that they enjoyed," said Matt Keller, the boy's father.

That's when Idaho Master Angler was created.

“With all the craziness that is happening, you can just take time to go fish, and it’s relaxing, and then you can also compete with it," said Trace.

It's an online resource for fisherman and women to measure up their catches against others.

“We wanted to set a standard of what's a big fish in Idaho, and it’s always fun to measure yourself against other people's skills to grow in that way," said Matt.

Which has also created some friendly competition between the brothers.

"There is that sport of fishing, and it’s so much fun to do and so much fun to go out and try and catch bigger fish than your brother,” said Trace.

It also includes the Kellers Youtube channel, Old Hat Outdoors, inspired by their grandfather's hats he wore fishing that were passed down to them to wear on new outdoor adventures.

“Looking at some of my dad's old hats and being able to pass them on to my kids or even wearing them myself and doing something with my kids every time is meaningful,” said Matt.

He said that they often think about all the places the hats have been, and they try to imagine all the new places they will go with this new platform.

On their channel, they take you to their favorite fishing spots, show off Idaho's fish and the ropes on how to be a successful angler.

“I’ve never kept track of how much bigger fish I have caught, but now I can with Idaho Master Anglers," said Trace. "So it is definitely going to be more fun when it comes to fishing because it is more competitive.”

The Kellers also do youth fishing trips for kids who have never fished before.

“For us, it helps us make a little bit of a name for introducing fishing to those who have never fished before. That is one of the ways we use it is to promote our youth fishing trips we do,” said Matt.

A platform they are using to share their love of fishing and the outdoors with other anglers and future anglers.

“Even if you’re younger and even in a pandemic, you can accomplish some pretty cool things," said Matt.

"And yeah, even if you don’t like fishing, but now we add in the competition part, you can now compete for fishing,” added Trace.

The Kellers would like to invite other anglers on the journey with them.

To measure your fish against other angler's top catches, watch their videos, or sign up for one of their youth fishing trips, visit their website