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Idaho Backroads: River Robin Hood

Finding the lost items of Boise River floaters
Posted at 8:32 AM, Sep 09, 2022
and last updated 2022-09-09 10:32:34-04

BOISE, IDAHO — We may not live in Sherwood Forest, but the City of Trees has it's very own Robin Hood. However, unlike the original, this one is taking from the rich flows of the Boise River, and giving to the poor souls who made the decision to bring their valuables with them while floating. We caught up up with Boise's River Robin Hood.

Three years ago, outdoor/sports/action adventure reporter Steve Dent introduced us to a unique character.

"Rocky Detwiler loves diving in the river, and he discovers a whole bounty of lost treasures. I've got all kinds of stuff in here, like look at those sweet dudes right there. Man these are awesome!" exclaimed Reporter Steve Dent and Rocky Detwiler.

Fast forward to this summer and Boise River floaters are still losing their belongings on a regular basis, meaning Rocky is still finding tons of treasure.

"I found a phone, then I went back again and I found a bag, right? Then I went back again and found another phone, and another phone, and another. Six phones later man, in the same spot!" exclaimed The River Robin Hood, Rocky Detwiler.

To recap, Rocky has been a swimming and diver since he was a kid.

"If there's a water source, I'm gonna be in it somehow, yeah," said Detwiler.

Over the years, he's found a cornucopia of various lost items.

"I've found guns, I've found, you know, lots of cash before, I've found wallets," said Detwiler.

But it was one specific discovery that made him feel like he can do more with his hydro hobby.

"I'm diving and I see this prosthetic leg, man! I pull it out and I'm like no way! Who loses a leg, man! What happened here?" laughed Detwiler.

And after finding yet another prosthetic leg, the River Robin Hood was born, creating a service unheard of in the Treasure Valley.

"You know, I wanted to create something where people could go and get some of their items back," said Detwiler.

2022 has possibly been the River Robin Hood's busiest season yet.

"This is kind of what I found this year. Some of the phones are broken so I can't return them, these six I found yesterday with ID and these three keys, I mean, this is all yesterday on one float. Easily one of my biggest finds ever. And these are prescription sunglasses guys. These right here, I mean this is several thousand dollars, someone lost these in the river," said Detwiler.

And though float season is now over and he may dive a few other places around the globe...

"The south pier of Miami, no one had dived that, and I found a phone there. Yeah man!" exclaimed Detwiler.

This River Robin Hood's Sherwood Boise, Idaho.

"It's one of the only places in North America, Matt, where a river runs through town, and where there are park systems on both sides of the river. It's one of the only place in North America! This is an amazing city. Woo! I love this, man!" exclaimed Detwiler.

If you may have lost something during a float trip down the Boise River, never fear, the River Robin Hood is here. Obviously he can't find every single item he is asked to find, but unlike you and me, he's willing to dive 10-20 feet to the river floor to make the attempt. For more information on how to reach him, search for River Robin Hood on Facebook, or check out his youtube page here: