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Cutting down a Christmas tree in the forest provides family fun

Posted at 12:56 PM, Dec 13, 2020
and last updated 2020-12-13 20:10:47-05

IDAHO CITY, Idaho — One option for obtaining a Christmas tree is going into the forest and cutting one down, it can also provide a family bonding experience in the woods.

The Boise National Forest sells permits for ten dollars a tree and families need to have a permit before they begin their adventure.

This year Thanksgiving weekend was really busy around Idaho City, the forest service ended up closing Granite Creek Road on December 7.

However, a pair of Treasure Valley families got together at the Granite Creek Trailhead, they hiked about a mile into the forest to get their Christmas trees.

"We have been stuck indoors and we were looking for any excuse to come outside, enjoy nature and be with family," said John Bale. "It was a great day."

The Bale family hasn't gone into the forest to cut down a tree for nearly 15 years, but after missing Thanksgiving, with their extended family, they wanted to get outside in a safe manner.

“We just wanted a day away from our everyday COVID world," said Christine Bale. "We thought it would be fun this year to get a tree and go sledding.”

People also need to be prepared for going up in the mountains during the winter, the Boise County Sheriff's Office put together these tips to help visitors stay safe.