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Checking in with Bogus Basin after an epic week of snow

Posted at 12:27 PM, Jan 02, 2022
and last updated 2022-01-02 14:27:13-05

BOISE, Idaho — Bogus Basin got 56 inches of snow this past week bringing the total for the season up to 115 inches creating a winter wonderland for skiers and snowboards.

This non-profit resort is calling it deep-cember, but since the snow didn't come in large bunches all at once it has made it easier for Bogus Basin to manage all this snow.

"The beauty in the way it snowed is it comes five inches overnight, three or four inches during the day never any giant amounts that are really hard to deal with," said Bogus Basin general manager Brad Wilson.

Skiers and snowboarders are taking advantage of all the powder as Bogus capped ticket sales every day during the holiday season, and mid-week passes are the only season pass that is still available.

“We’ve capped season pass sales as well just so we can make sure that the experience of the pass holders that bought earlier on is what they thought it would be," said Wilson. "It’s a real challenge, it is a positive problem to have we have more demand than we have supply."

Another challenge for Bogus Basin comes with staffing as they could use more employees, but the staff they do have works hard to provide a good experience on the mountain.

"Just like everywhere in the hospitality industry we have our challenges," said Wilson. "We are trying, I’ve been cooking pizzas the last two days you try to do whatever you can in order to make the experience for the customer seamless, but behind the scenes, we are scrambling a bit."

Bogus Basin also told us they have snowplows running nearly 24 hours a day in an effort to keep Bogus Basin Road clear when it snows.

They are doing what they can, but it takes the plow 45 minutes to travel up or down the mountain so people need to be ready for slippery conditions, they should have a vehicle that can handle the climb and descent and patience is key especially during the busy times.

"The speed going up is only as fast as the slowest car in front of you," said Wilson. "If you don't have an all-wheel-drive vehicle hopefully with snow tires make sure you put on chains or some traction control device or you will not have a great experience."