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Bruneau Sand Dunes gears up for fall

Posted at 3:09 PM, Sep 09, 2020
and last updated 2020-09-09 19:35:46-04

BRUNEAU, Idaho — The Bruneau Sand Dunes formed around 14,000 years ago when floodwaters from the Bonneville Flood carved a U-shaped basin in the middle of the Idaho desert, leaving huge sand dunes behind.

Today, it's a national park enjoyed by many.

"It's the tallest single structured sand dune in North America," explained Misha Nixon, a ranger at the park. "The tallest peak is roughly 470 feet tall."

Nixon says the park is especially wonderful in the fall.

"It's the time of year you can hike longer and explore more in the park because it's not so hot. You can explore more of the park--that's why its such a special time," Nixon said. "A lot of the waterfowl start to come in and we have great fishing during this time. It's probably one of the more popular times of the year for everyone to come out."

There are lots of things to do at the dunes, including hiking, fishing, and even sand sledding!

Idaho News 6 reporter Natasha Williams tried her hand at sandboarding--but she didn't have much luck!

The dunes are also a popular spot for stargazers.

"We're away from the city, so there's not a lot of light around us or light pollution," Nixon said. "It's a great place to come out and view the stars with your family."

Their observatory is closed, but they're hoping to reopen it next year.

If you'd like to pay a visit to the dunes, click here.