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Braydon Bringhurst premieres film on his historic ride up the Whole Enchilada

Posted at 1:24 PM, Oct 20, 2022
and last updated 2022-10-20 15:48:12-04

BOISE, Idaho — Braydon Bringhurst is a professional mountain biker from Boise who is known as the Uphill Ninja for a good reason.

A year ago Braydon attempted to ride the iconic Whole Enchilada trail near Moab and while many riders have descended this bucket list ride, Braydon attempted to ride up this trail starting from the Colorado River, up through Utah's classic slick rock and into the alpine pines of the La Sal Mountains.

"It's incredibly technical," said Bringhurst. "It covers about 8,000 feet over 27 miles and it is just rugged."

Braydon grew up in Boise, met his wife at Centennial High School and has three daughters who support him as a professional mountain biker, his wife Nicole directed and edited a film called 8,600 Feet which documented Braydon's ascent.

"There’s a lot of crazy aspects to it and I tried to stay away from all the details of the riding and focus more on the mental component," said Bringhurst. "I’ve been really privileged to work with a mental strength coach, having a strong positive mindset is something that I try to develop and I wanted to share that with other people."

We caught up Braydon at the Boise Bike Skills Park

The film will premiere on Monday at the Egyptian Theater, it's the third stop of four on the film screening tour, but it's a special stop because it is in Braydon's hometown.

"I love Boise, I would say this town raised me," said Bringhurst. "Hopefully we can sell the theater and raise some good funds for SWIMBA and people can come away feeling stoked about whatever they are dealing with in life."

Braydon told us the premiere has sold out. That's a big deal because the proceeds from the screening will go to the Southwest Idaho Mountain Biking Association, which advocates for riders, builds trails and educates through classes and clinics.

"SWIMBA is just an amazing organization that I think every mountain biker in Boise should be a part of," said Bringhurst. "I feel really fortunate to be doing whatever I can to help SWIMBA, they would be killing it if I wasn't around, but I'm just honored to be part of the community."

If you didn't snag tickets to the premiere, the film will be available for free on YouTube on November 2.