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Boise's first ever sailing camp teaches children a new sport

Posted at 2:24 PM, Aug 11, 2019

BOISE, Idaho — Over the past two years, the Southern Idaho Sailing Association and the Boise Parks & Recreation Department have been working on putting together a youth sailing camp. Now, the first two sessions are wrapping up.

The Southern Idaho Sailing Association provided the boats and the instructors, while the city coordinated two different camps for kids that each lasted a week long.

“I am blown away by how fast they have been able to pick up the sport of sailing," Marie Hattaway of the Boise Parks & Rec Department said. "We could have here at Spring Shores Marina the next Kristin Armstrong of sailing."

The children had a fun time learning how to rig the sailboats and get them out on the water. They also learned how to self-rescue in case their boats flipped over, but more than anything, the children learned about the science of wind and how to use it to sail around Arrowrock Reservoir.

"When the wind picks up and you start moving, that is the best feeling ever, " Luke Messerly, who attended the camp with his sister, said.

The youth sailing camp is something the City of Boise is proud to offer kids in our local community.

“The number one rule to any successful program is that kids have to have fun," said Hattaway. "This camp is hands down one of the funnest camps we were able to offer this summer.”

Next year, the City of Boise and the Idaho Southern Sailing Association hope to have camps all summer long, but they need to raise funds because the boats are expensive.

There will be a community event on August 22 at Spring Shores Marina as they continue to look for donors to help this program grow.

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