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Boise brothers and their crew premiere new urban skiing film

Posted at 10:00 AM, Oct 27, 2022
and last updated 2022-10-27 12:51:24-04

BOISE, Idaho — Justin "Juice" Kennedy, his brother Mason and the Onslaught Crew will host a premiere next Thursday night, Nov. 3 at the Egyptian Theatre, the movie highlights stunts and tricks in an urban setting.

"So we are going to be premiering our seventh movie as the OS crew, it's called Electric," said Juice. "It's going to be our first time ever premiering at the big theater here in Boise at the Egyptian so we are all looking forward to that."

Justin and Mason grew up skiing and snowboarding. Juice took to freestyle at a young age and it all started at Bogus Basin.

"We were up there in middle and high school doing a bunch of night skiing up there it’s awesome how they go until ten," said Juice. "Their terrain parks keep getting better and better, it's a super cool hometown spot to go ski around with friends and meet new people."

That's how the Onslaught Crew was born, but their freestyle skills weren't limited to ski resorts as they looked for anything and everything to ride to showcase their talents in the world of urban skiing.

"We drive down the street and if we see a rail or a wall ride or somewhere we can build a jump we use our imagination and develop a plan together," said Juice. "Then we go in there, bring our shovels build it up with the snow and make that vision a reality.”

It takes a lot of work to make jumps, ramps and a runway, we have seen this crew do this almost every year at the Idaho Potato Drop on New Years Eve, the rail jam and urban air is orchestrated by the Onslaught crew.

The team goes through skis at a faster rate than most skiers because they don't just ride on the snow. Crashes can really hurt when some of the obstacles include rails, concrete and other crazy venues, but Juice tells us it's worth it to nail a trick.

"One of the stand out ones for me is actually a spot here in Boise that I’ve had my eye on forever I know a lot of people in the ski community talk about it," said Jucie. "It’s a quad kink rail at the Boise Town Square Mall, so it goes down flat down flat down, it took me over 50 tries in a two hour session, but it was super rewarding when it worked out.

Electric highlights that rail and many other stunts after the crew took a trip to North Dakota and Minnesota, not your normal ski destinations, but urban skiing is anything but normal.

The film will have two screenings on Thursday, November 3, one at 6:30 p.m. and another at 9:10, tickets cost $15 to check out the film.

"It’s kind of just snowballed into something much bigger than we realized it could be at the beginning," said Juice. "We are just super thankful to all the support we have gotten over the years and we are excited to do new stuff."

Bogus Basin and several other companies will have a raffle during the premiere, this comes after the Onslaught Crew worked with Bogus to host the gathering last February where riders from all over threw down tricks in the terrain park.