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Bogus Basin remains in good shape despite a lack of fresh snow

Posted at 3:31 PM, Feb 10, 2022
and last updated 2022-02-11 14:37:58-05

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Bogus Basin has not gotten any measurable snow for over a month now, but skiers and snowboarders continue to visit the non-profit resort.

Idaho ski resorts got dumped on in December and at Bogus Basin, the cold temperatures have allowed them to keep their base.

We asked general manager Brad Wilson if the lack of snow has had an impact on ticket sales, but he tells us those have been holding steady and when tickets came online on Wednesday night for Saturday the mountain had 23 fewer ticket sales than the previous week.

"Which is just a minuscule amount so business is holding," said Wilson. "I think people love the weather, they love the fact the road is dry and easy to come up everything is staying covered and the groomers are going a great job of doing that."

Wilson told us Bogus Basin has groomed more terrain this year than ever before and they have been using their snow-making equipment to build new features in the terrain park up on the mountain.

We talked to a snowboarder who told us no matter the conditions he still enjoys a trip to Bogus Basin to get out into nature and get some fresh air.

"It’s beautiful up here, the scenery is gorgeous and they do a great job of grooming," said snowboarder Craig Revell who has a mid-week season pass. "It's just really fun to come up here I was up here yesterday and came back up today."

We also wanted to ask Brad Wilson if he has concerns moving forward for the ski and snowboard industry with climate change and he told us that's why this non-profit resort has invested more than ten million dollars into snow-making equipment.

"I think overall it is not time to panic yet, you plan for the worst and expect the best and we are going to get there," said Wilson. "We are going to make sure we can handle the worst of times and in the best of times we will be in great shape."

The skiing or snowboarding events in the Olympics are happening on 100 percent man-made snow for the first time ever, but Wilson also says that when half-pipes and giant jumps get built they do so mainly through snow-making equipment.