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Backcountry winter road closures still in effect

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Posted at 2:47 PM, Mar 12, 2020
and last updated 2020-03-12 16:47:58-04

BONNEVILLE COUNTY, Idaho — The Bonneville County Sheriff’s Office has recently cited several individuals that traveled past road closed signs in Bonneville County where winter road closures are still in effect.

As the weather is getting warmer and snow melts Deputies are finding individuals that feel it is okay to drive past the posted road closed signs to see how far they can get into the backcountry. Doing so causes damage to the road base and extends the amount of time the closure is in place while road and bridge crews spend resources to repair the damage.

Many violators attempt to have others drive their vehicles beyond the road closed signs to assist which results in more stuck vehicles and more damage to the roadway.

Deputies will continue to issue citations to those that travel past road closed signs and into these closed areas and violators should be aware they will be responsible for towing costs associated with retrieving stuck vehicles from these locations. Current winter road closures will still be in place for several weeks depending on conditions and evaluation by Bonneville County Commissioners and Road and Bridge crews.

You can find a map of Road Construction and Road Closures on the Bonneville County Website.

The following areas are part of the Winter Road Closure in Bonneville County and are currently still closed:

  • Kepps Crossing and Eagles Pass
  • Bone Road and Blackfoot Reservoir Road beyond the Snowmobile parking lots
  • Foothill Road between 85th E. and 115th E.
  • Johnson Road from 101st N. to the Blacktail Road
  • Bear Creek
  • Meadow Creek
  • Fall Creek
  • Snake River Road from Vanoy Dugway to Indian Creek