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Attracting song birds to your back yard

Annual sale makes getting started less expensive
Posted at 5:25 PM, Dec 04, 2019
and last updated 2019-12-04 19:25:43-05

BOISE, IDAHO — Alan Crockett has been attracting song birds to his back yard for decades. He says creating an oasis for multiple species is pretty simple.

To get song birds you like to have some habitat, meaning a bunch of trees around, or shrubbery, some water, and then food," said Crockett. "And they'll be there."

On any given day, he can glance out his window and see a variety of birds taking advantage of his back yard set up. But the readily available food also attracts unwanted guests.

"I don't wanna be feeding the squirrels," said Crockett. "They're non-native around here, and if brought in, they eat birds, and they eat eggs."

The Snake River Audubon Society even has a book of Boise birds that you are likely to attract.

Whether you have been feeding song birds in Idaho for years, or are interested in attracting them to your yard for the first time, a great way to stock up on seed and learn more about birding is at the annual bird seed sale at the MK Nature Center.

This Friday and Saturday, seed will be available for twenty percent off at the nature center, and experts will be on hand to help you start or improve your back yard habitat.