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50th annual Sportsman Show returns to Expo Idaho

Posted at 12:49 PM, Mar 05, 2022
and last updated 2022-03-05 14:49:50-05

IDAHO — With hunting season approaching, The Idaho Sportsman Show returns to Expo Idaho after two years away.

"It feels honestly like a family reunion, friends and all, you get to see everybody and just have a good time," RJ Colo, Owner, Hunter's Choice Taxidermy in Nampa. "We are so excited to be back. We have been coming here for five years, so it is just really good to be back to normal, and get to see everybody here."

Hundreds of vendors from all across the country line Expo Idaho. From outfitters to taxidermists, to hunting and fishing gear companies, all connecting and sharing their knowledge of the Great Outdoors. One of those businesses, H&H Outfitters comes each year from Alaska.

"Alaska has been very good for us, but it is hard to get Idaho out of you so that is why we are at the show," Christy Horton, co-owner of H&H Alaskan Outfitters said. "We operate Argos out of Alaska for our moose and caribou hunts, and then we also have mountain goat, deer, and bear out of Kodiak."

"The people that come by though that is just why we are here. We can spend all weekend talking with them and hearing their stories about Alaska," she added.

An opportunity for hunters and anglers to share a few tales of catching the biggest fish or showing off last year's mounts.

"We do a lot of work for the people around here, so it is just cool to see everybody, reconnect and hear everybody's hunting stories," Colo said. "You get to hear everybody’s stories on how their deer got away you know haha, but also the good stories too, so it's good."

A show that also gets hunters hyped for the upcoming hunting season that starts in less than a month.

"Spring bear is coming. Everybody is getting excited and to get out of winter and into hunting season," Colo said. "It definitely gets the spark going and it is awesome."

"It does bring the hype, and two we just constantly in this day and age need to be out there talking about game management, responsible hunting, and get the kids involved," Horton said.

The Idaho Sportsman Show runs through Sunday at Expo Idaho.

They have a trout pond with plenty of fish for the kids, as well as many other family-friendly activities. For more information, click here.