Our Path Home continues to fight homelessness in Boise with new initiatives

Posted at 4:10 PM, Dec 17, 2018
and last updated 2018-12-17 18:10:30-05

BOISE — Our Path Home has seen a 25% increase in the past year in the number of people who live on the streets or are in danger of becoming homeless in Boise.

"In 2018 we assessedd 637," said Wyatt Schroeder the exectutive director at Catch. "That number has gone up in terms of the number of people coming in and asking us for help."

Catch is one of 32 organizations that have pooled their resources together in an attempt to end homelessness in Ada County, the group started in 2017 and is putting together initiatives to help people who are homeless.

The first project just finished, the New Path Community Housing is the first of its kind in Idaho and the apartment complex has put a roof over the head of 40 of the most vulnerable people in Boise, but how do they determine who is the most vulnerable?

"People who have been on the street for a long time, people who are experiencing chronic homelessness and who are a high user of emergency services," said Shroeder.

A study done by Vanessa Fry at Boise State found that 100 people experiencing chronic homelessness costs Ada County $5.3 million a year and that successfully housing those 100 people it would save $2.7 million a year.

However, it is also important to point out that the must vulnerable people need help dealing with mental health issues, addiction and other problems.

"Physically onsight Terry Reilly provides professionals, peer specialists and case managers to all the clients that are staying at the New Path Community Housing," said Shroeder.

The next initiative is also in the works and will feature a 27-unit apartment complex proposed for the corner of State Street and N Fargo and will be built specifically to put a roof over the heads of veterans.

"Valor Pointe is just coming together in the City of Boise and you will hear more about it and how we will end homelessness for our veterans," said Schroeder.

The city hopes to break ground on Valor Pointe this spring, however the process has just started and there have been citizens who have voiced concerns about the location.