Otter asks Amazon to consider Boise for its second headquarters

Posted at 10:52 AM, Oct 26, 2017
and last updated 2017-10-26 12:52:29-04

An Idaho economic development organization has submitted a bid proposing Boise as the location of Amazon's coveted second headquarters -- despite the city not being able to meet the requirements.

The Idaho Statesman reports that that state does not have a metropolitan area with more than 1 million people as required by Amazon, so the Boise Valley Economic Partnership and Gov. Butch Otter sent letters to the company asking it to keep Idaho in mind for other projects.

Otter says in his letter that the state has a favorable business climate that could benefit the company.

“We have watched Amazon with great interest over the past 20 years and, like many, we have marveled at the growth of the company and its dominance in the retail market. Our interest recently turned to wonder as we saw the response to your Headquarters 2 announcement. With more than 100 locations responding to your request for information, it is certain that Amazon will find the perfect place to make its second home,” Otter wrote.

“Just as your customers come to Amazon to find the right products with qualities specific to their needs, we understand the thoughtful requirements that are needed to successfully launch a second headquarters. We also understand that Idaho’s many sterling qualities do not quite fit this particular site need.

“Having said that, Idaho is recognized for its favorable business climate, stable tax rates, reasonable regulations, low-cost renewable energy and affordable land.  We have a skilled, motivated workforce and State policies that recognize the importance of economic activity to our Idaho way of life.  We balance our budget without raising taxes and we know that the best way to help business is to simply get out of the way.

"As Governor, I have spent decades promoting Idaho’s goods, services and people around the world.  (Idaho Commerce) Director (Megan) Ronk and I are personally committed to making Idaho the best place in American to successfully start or expand a business. After the dust settles, we hope you have time to review Idaho’s highlights on this site and consider us to be part of your future growth plans. So, in other words, save us for later in your cart!” Otter wrote.

The Seattle-based online retailer received 238 proposals from cities and regions in the United States, Canada and Mexico. The company's second home is expected to generate $5 billion in investments and create 50,000 jobs.

(Associated Press contributed to this story)