Operation Finally Home provides veteran and his family a new home in Meridian

Posted at 12:12 PM, Feb 19, 2022
and last updated 2022-02-19 14:12:04-05

Jason Plank served three tours in Iraq in four years, this marine sergeant was involved in some of the most intense fighting in the Iraq War in Fallujah following the initial invasion in 2004.

Plank lost some of his brothers in arms and still deals with PTSD and migraines from a traumatic brain injury, but now Plank and his family have a new home in Meridian.

"What more can you ask for literally our daughter wants to sleep here tonight," said Jason. "I mean man that would be awesome."

Operation Finally Home is a non-profit organization that has completed or is in the process of completing 300 mortgage-free homes for American heroes and the Plank family got the first one ever built in Idaho.

"They are part of our family now this is such a blessing we couldn’t ask for anything more walking into a fully furnished home," said Jason's wife Chelse. "Gosh our family is going to enjoy it we are going to spend so much more time and we will always remember them."

Operation Finally Home works with builders to construct homes that veterans and other first responders don't have to pay for and here in Idaho they partnered with Lennar Homes who is a new contractor in the Treasure Valley.

"To be here first hand and to see the impact it has on the Plank family is really meaningful and brings it all home for us," said Jon Jaffe of Lennar Homes. "This is one of the very first homes that we built in Meridian.

Meridian also rolled out the welcome mat in a big way with Mayor Robert Simison, Meridian's finest and community members showing up for the dedication.