Ontario splash pad donations raise controversy

Posted at 7:41 PM, Aug 27, 2018
and last updated 2018-08-28 14:04:31-04

A committee's efforts to gather donations to put in a community splash pad in Ontario is causing some backlash.

The Friends of the Aquatic Center, a group dedicated to bringing the Ontario Aquatic Center back to life, has brought in donations from a number of sponsors to help fund their $300,000 splash pad.

Those donations include a $25,000 donation from Hotbox, a marijuana dispensary out of Huntington.

"$25,000 out of that is an important amount of money and the fact that, you know, they've stepped up, and donated to the splash pad," says Ontario Mayor, Ron Verini.

But not everyone is supportive.

Verini also says, "There were some on the committee that thought that because it was coming from an entity that sold marijuana, that maybe they should not use their logo."

While Hotbox and the city council agreed to remove the logo, the backlash continues, with other donors and committee members saying they don't want a donation from a business that cannot legally serve the youth.

Now city council members are ultimately left to make the decision of whether or not to accept the funds, or just change the donor name from Hotbox to Steve Meland, a co-owner of the business.