One Stone hosts Fall kick off

Posted at 10:28 PM, Sep 19, 2018
and last updated 2018-09-20 00:28:46-04

One Stone is a Treasure Valley non profit that encourages young people to be better leaders.

Wednesday, One Stone had their annual Fall kick off where upwards of 100 students learned about after school programs that they can get involved with.    

"Before I came to One Stone I wasn't comfortable using my voice for good and I think at One Stone and throughout all the projects I've completed, I've definitely developed a sense of self and an ability to use my voice to express my desires and to express what I think," said Jackson McEwan, Capital High School senior. 

One Stone has been in the Treasure Valley since 2008. It encompasses four branches- called Project Good, Two Birds, Solution Lab, and the One Stone High School.

"The main difference between the One Stone High School and other high schools is that it's focused on student leadership and student voice and it's based on projects rather than grades so there's no teachers and there's no grades."

Instead it's based on reflection, portfolios, and working collaboratively with other students to create projects that impact the community. 

"So I just participate in the after school programs but many students here participate in the high school or the high school and the after school programs which aren't exclusive to one another."

The activities are not only designed to create better leaders but also form lasting relationships. 

"I've really made some strong relationships with the coaches here and even the kids that go to this school. I wouldn't know them otherwise if they didn't go to my school," said Ruby Berliner. 

The program allows students to have a voice.. 

"And I have the power and I can use that to make positive change in relevant areas of my community," said McEwan. 

It's not too late for treasure valley high school students to get involved in these programs for the year.

 Head to one stone dot org for more information.