Two people dead after shooting in Caldwell

Posted at 5:22 PM, Feb 20, 2020
and last updated 2020-02-21 18:55:31-05

CALDWELL, Idaho — Two people are dead after a shooting in Caldwell that happened just after 4 p.m. Thursday. The incident happened at the Port Stewart Apartment complex near the Walmart on 10th and Ustick.

The suspect and another person died at the scene, while three others were sent to the hospital. A Caldwell Police Officer was one of the injured, but has since been released from the hospital.

Police say the victims were three women, identified as 76-year-old Darline Queen, 79-year-old Juanita Pressler, and 58-year-old Kathleen Schlemmer.

Police say the suspect, 87-year-old Roger Nordberg, had a verbal argument with the three women who were sitting at a table together. He left and returned with a handgun, firing five shots and hitting each victim once. Two of the rounds missed, police say.

Queen died from her injuries, but Pressler and Schlemmer are both in stable condition.

Police say Nordberg died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound.

Caldwell Police say they've had prior history of disputes between Nordberg, Schlemmer and Queen. Police say Schlemmer had a temporary protective order against him in September of 2019.

Police say the public is not in danger.