On Your Side: Learning disabilities resolved

Posted at 5:51 PM, May 07, 2017
and last updated 2017-05-07 20:03:32-04

There could be a fairly simple explanation as to why your child has behavioral issues, struggles with school work or even with team sports.

It's hard as a parent to know your child is struggling and not be able to pinpoint exactly what's wrong.

For the Bobinski family, they knew something was off when their daughter, Abigail, had difficulties holding crayons and troubles forming words and letters. After doing some research, they discovered her struggles were in line with a learning disability that's similar to Dyslexia.

"With Dysgraphia it's the opposite," said Daniel Bobinski, Abigail's father. "You have something in your brain, you're trying to put it on paper and you can't."

The Treasure Valley couple eventually found a Brain Balance Achievement Center in Eagle that could help retrain both hemispheres of their daughter's brain.

"I'm really happy that I was able to easily get all my problems examined and fixed because it was just hard for me," said Abigail Bobinski, who is homeshooled by her mother.

Through different activities, Abigail's brain hemispheres began to work in tandem. She can now distinguish between what is right and what is left, which will come in handy when she enrolls in driver's training this Summer. The 14-year-old also writes legibly now.

"It would have affected her for the rest of her life just not being able to sign her name," said Jeralynne Bobinski, Abigail's mother. "It took her probably two, two and a half minutes to sign her own name."

The program manager for the center says parents come here who've tried everything else and walk away relieved knowing that by working on their balance, fine motor skills and even having a diet void of triggers like sugar, dairy and gluten, they can move past it.

"If we can kind of come together as a community and really work to find out what is driving the behavior or why they're struggling not just put a band-aid on it... but, hopefully, fix the issue and help them lead productive lives," said Sarah Anno, the center's program manager who has a background in childhood development.

If your baby misses milestones early on, experts say that can be an indicator that a brain imbalance could lead to a learning disability down the road.