23 accidents at Edgewood/44 intersection in 2016, officials turn off yellow blinking turn signal

Investigation underway says ACHD
Posted at 4:51 PM, Dec 07, 2016
and last updated 2016-12-08 13:51:03-05

Highway officials say a turn signal present at an intersection which featured many accidents has been turned off.

Ada County says there were 23 crashes at the Edgewood/Idaho 44 intersection in 2016: 14 resulted in property damage, 8 had injuries, and 1 person died in an accident there.  

ACHD also reports that flags have been added to a sign to "increase safety" until something more permanent can be developed.

An ACHD truck was seen this morning at the intersection. ACHD said it was cleaning the lens of the security camera at the location.

Eagle Police said on their Facebook page that there had been "13 different crashes in the intersection since the blinking yellow arrow allowing a left turn on to Edgewood from eastbound 44 was installed in April."

The posting said 3 crashes occurred after warning motorists to "really pay attention" while going through the intersection, and that "yellow lights = caution. Not go. Green = go. Red = stop. Yellow = yield the right of way until it's safe to turn."

Photos accompanying this article include the full text of a Facebook posting by Eagle Police December 2 at 12:46pm, and a photo of a truck ACHD confirms was sent to clean a lens of a security camera at the intersection.