Officials get a bird's eye view of Pioneer Fire scar

Posted at 9:36 PM, May 26, 2017
and last updated 2017-05-26 23:37:11-04

With the help of the Idaho Conservation League and EcoFlight, officials with Boise County and Bogus Basin along with 6 On Your Side got a bird's eye view of the Idaho backcountry. Flying over the Pioneer Fire burn scar you can see the extent of the devastation. Over 180,000 acres burned in the fire and authorities say dead and dying trees are still posing a risk to the public. 

"Some of them are falling over already that burnt around the roots some of them won't fall for ten years but they will fall," said Boise County Emergency Management Coordinator John Roberts.

The US Forest Service hopes to remove the dead trees and at the same time plant new ones starting this summer. Officials say the salvaged lumber will help pay for needed repairs. 

"Stream repairs, road repairs, culvert replacements that need to go on," said Roberts. 

State, Federal and Local officials not only have their eyes on healing the landscape but preventing fires from sparking up in the first place. The US Forest Service hopes to clear away diseased trees from land near Bogus Basin Mountain Resort. Authorities warn the sick trees are adding to potential fire danger. 

"Having those diseased trees like a matchstick up there and it's very concerning," said Brad Wilson General Manger for Bogus Basin Mountain Recreation.

The US Forest Service hopes to also plant other trees on Bogus Basin which are immune some disease.