Officials: Eagle Island State Park swimming could resume next month

Officials: Eagle Island State Park swimming could resume next month
Posted at 1:49 PM, Jul 25, 2018
and last updated 2018-07-25 15:49:30-04

The Idaho Department of Parks and Recreation said Wednesday officials will soon begin treating the naturally-occurring cyanobacteria (sometimes known as blue-green algae) found at the Eagle Island State Park last week. 

Identification of the algae prompted Park management to immediately restrict swimming at the park’s popular lake. If treatment is successful, the park hopes to allow swimming once again in early August. 

The majority of the park’s 545 acres remains open to park-goers, including access to the waterslide, trails, and disc golf courses.

“We’re working with our partners at Boise City Parks and Recreation -- who are also dealing with blue-green algae within their recreation areas, hoping to use similar water treatments and that both are successful,” said Gary Shelley, Eagle Island State Park Manager.  

It is estimated that treatment and water quality monitoring will take ten to fourteen days. 

Parks and Recreation officials say they will continue to work with the Idaho Department of Environmental Quality to test the water quality at the park until such time the water is deemed safe. 

Once the water is deemed safe, swimming will once again be allowed.

“The pond within Eagle Island State Park is a naturally occurring body of water and, like other popular bodies of water in Idaho, it can be impacted by algae during hot summer months.” said Shelley. “There are often factors outside of anyone’s control -- like outside temperature that can quickly impact water conditions.”

“We requested -- and received -- funding to deepen the pond area within Eagle Island, which will lower the overall temperature and hopefully prevent some of the water quality concerns that have occurred in the past.” said Jennifer Okerlund, IDPR Communications Manager. “It’s an important first step in improving the experience at the park and we continue to research the viability of additional solutions.”

Informational updates will be posted on the Eagle Island State Park Facebook page.