Border wall costume photos posted to Middleton School District's Facebook page

Posted at 6:24 PM, Nov 02, 2018
and last updated 2018-11-03 10:05:30-04

"To say that we are outraged is to put it mildly, we're very disappointed," said Humberto Fuentes, President, Hispanic Cultural Center. 

On Halloween, some Middleton School teachers and staff dressed up as a border wall, with the statement, "Make America Great Again."

Others also came in costume with ponchos and sombreros, playing maracas. The photos shocked members of the Latino community. 

"They are not only sending a very distasteful display, but it's racist. I mean this is racist, I mean how do they feel when the students come into class and see that those pictures."

Photos were posted on the school district's Facebook page and then later removed.

"A patron reached out to me and you know was disturbed by the photos and then he shared those with me and I was equally, I was disappointed and i saw some inappropriate and insensitive costumes," said Dr. Josh Middleton, superintendent, Middleton School District. 

The superintendent says the costumes were part of a curriculum unit on character, respect, and kindness. 

"These are quality teachers and I think it was a bad unit or a unit that's gone a bad result. I don't think anything malicious, no malicious intent, but this day and time, very insensitive and inappropriate."

As of Friday morning, those in the pictures were still working at the school. 

"These are the pictures that we used to see in the forties and fifties in this country. I mean I thought we had made progress given this situation here looks like we still have a lot of problems to resolve. This is just very bad for the Latino community."

Middleton's top administrator says the staff could face consequences from a verbal warning to termination, but at this point the district is on a fact finding mission before making any decisions.

Superintendent Josh Middleton says this is a learning opportunity for the district and other schools. 

"Ugly result and we're so much better than this."