Off-leash dog park opens July 30 in Ann Morrison Park

Posted at 4:31 PM, Jul 29, 2019
and last updated 2019-07-29 18:31:54-04

BOISE — Spanning nearly 5.4 acres, Ann Morrison is adding an off-leash dog park open year-round, and it's full of fun new attractions for your furry friends.

"We have a couple of shelters, we'll have some drinking fountains, and of course again it's an island, so it's surrounded by a body of water there will be an opportunity for dogs to actually enjoy the water," said director of Boise Parks and Recreation Doug Holloway.

There's also a designed "shy dog" area as the park calls it, for smaller dogs or dogs that don't enjoy as much stimulation.

"Most people are pretty good with their dogs and understand that their dog isn't friendly around other dogs or friendly around other people, and so it's probably not the right environment to bring to a dog park," said Holloway.

The area will be referred to officially as the Together Treasure Valley Dog Island, which pays tribute to their donors who helped fund the park, along with the city of Boise's funding.

The seasonal off-leash area from November through February will remain at Ann Morrison park in addition to the new park.

The park opens to all pups and people July 30th. Instead of a ribbon-cutting, they're going to line up all the dogs and unleash them around 11:00 AM. The park says anyone is welcome.