Nonprofit helps cancer patients one home at a time

Nonprofit helps cancer patients one home at a time
Posted at 8:47 PM, Aug 14, 2016
and last updated 2016-08-14 23:28:22-04
While Lois Child relaxes and plays solitaire, TJ Fruichantie, owner of Meticulous Man Services is working away, vacuuming the floors, dusting, and making the whole house is sparkling.
Fruichantie's high standard of clean is the same regardless of whose house he is in, but his client Lois Child is very unique. 
She's a loving mother, a former VA nurse, and is currently in her second battle with lung cancer, and TJ cleans her home once a month for four months, completely free. It's all a part of a service of the non-profit Cleaning for a Reason.
"How it helps is it provides them with the ability to know that their home is getting cleaned. They are not going to be using their energy to waste on cleaning the house. They can use that energy and time to spend with their friends, their family, doing things that they love with the people that they love," explained Fruichantie.
"It helps a lot, because you can put your energy into doing something else like going shopping," said Child.
Fruichantie's wife told him about Cleaning for a Reason, after watching his own mother battle cancer. 
"I got to see just how much of a toll it took on her body and just how hard it was for her to not have the energy she used to," said Fruichantie, and Child agrees. 
"It's hard to admit you haven't got the strength to do things," said Child.
She said even simple tasks can be exhausting.
"It takes a long time because you run out of energy.. you do a little bit and then you rest, and then you do some more, and you just keep doing that till you get it done," explained Child.
So while Fruichantie cleans away, Child can spend less time worrying about household chores, and spending more time enjoying life.
"Your life is in chaos when you are going through cancer.. and something as simple as having a clean makes a profound difference.."
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