NNU students help publicize Seek Then Speak, sexual assault reporting app

Posted at 5:20 PM, Oct 26, 2018
and last updated 2018-10-26 20:07:30-04

The Nampa Police Department recently joined with the Nampa Family Justice Center to announce a new tool available for sexual assault victims to seek resources in the Nampa community. Now, the two offices are teaming up with students and professors at Northwest Nazarene University to implement those resources.

"Sexual assault takes away someone's power and control, that's what sexual assault is about. We are hoping through this app and the response of the Nampa Police Department, we give some of that sense of control back," said Nampa Police Department Detective Corporal, Angela Weekes.

A newly introduced mobile app called "Seek Then Speak," Aims to provide sexual assault victims with ways to engage with local recovery and reporting resources, and explore their options, from the comfort and privacy of their home.

The tool is available in multiple languages, free of charge, to the entire Nampa community.

When a report from the app is received, the police department reaches out to the victim to ensure their safety and decide following actions.

"Then they get to make the choice. It puts the choice of whether they want to go forward in their hands. It puts the choice on whether they want to have a medical exam, and it gives them informed choices," said Weekes.

In an effort to publicize the app, and give sexual assault victims a voice, the police department and family justice center are teaming up with some students from NNU.

"We're like the hands and feet of the justice center right now, and we're helping people to know where to locate this resource," said Lily Greene, a student at NNU.

They’re beginning by placing posters around the city and educating the community on how to report and find resources using Seek Then Speak.

"Our role as a class is to be the advocates for the Nampa Family Justice Center, because they are doing awesome things in our community, and they're a resource that we desperately need," said Professor Jamie Tucker.

They are also implementing the app on campus, with students educating fellow class members, and helping them to feel comfortable speaking up.

"The way society is moving, we're more comfortable with phones than human beings, so I feel like this app is better," said Joseph Bulanon, a student at NNU.

To download the app, or find more information on Seek Then Speak, click here.