NIFC reaches highest level of fire activity: fire preparedness level 5

Posted at 4:14 PM, Jul 30, 2018
and last updated 2018-07-30 18:14:18-04

The National Interagency Fire Center moved into fire preparedness level five on Friday, it's the highest level when it comes to battling wildfires.

Currently, NIFC is allocating a majority of their resources south to the huge fires in California and Nevada, but according to their fire outlook, NIFC believes fires will start moving north into Idaho and Oregon.

"Fires like the Carr fire in California are demanding a lot of resources because they are burning people's homes," said Jessica Gardetto.

Workers in the NIFC warehouse are making sure that firefighters are getting the gear they need to set up camps and work out on the line.

"So for every firefighter that is out on the line we have several people behind the scenes supporting those firefighters," said Gardetto. "It takes thousands of people to support fire suppression efforts across the country."

One of the workers we met in the warehouse is Justin Lewis a relatively new firefighter that was injured in the Lodgepole Fire in Idaho while working his chainsaw in the heat and the smoke.

"I got life lighted out," said Lewis. "I pushed myself a little too hard that day, I didn't really pace myself, I went all out and just dropped."

In the meantime Lewis is happy to have a job working during fire season and to do his part to make sure his fellow firefighters are ready to go with gear, however he's also looking forward to seeing his doctor in hopes of getting back in the fight.

"It would mean the world," said Lewis. "I want to be back out there again, I miss the smell of the smoke, I miss being out there with them."