New tax bill prompt early property tax payment

Posted at 10:00 PM, Dec 29, 2017
and last updated 2017-12-30 00:00:50-05

President Donald Trump signed into law a new tax plan that has many wondering, what's next.
 About a hundred people made their way to the Ada County Tax Assessor Friday to pay their property taxes.

For those who pay their property taxes by the end of 2017, they "might" able to deduct it next year.Loretta Cannon made her way to the Ada County Tax Assessor building.

"To pay the second half of my property tax bill," Cannon said.

"It would normally be our dull week, but it's been a very busy week," Said Vicky McIntyre, Ada County Treasure.

Trump's new tax plan has many trying to get their finances in order. But despite the slight increase this week  McIntyre won't say for sure it's because of the new tax plan. 

"This is about normal. Some pay both halves in December," McIntyre said.

But people have until June 20th to pay the second half. So far the office has collected 57 percent of property taxes in Ada County for 2017. Cannon lives in the North end neighborhood and said she pays one of the higher amounts. Friday she paid a little under $3,000 t but feels lucky it wasn't more.

"In some states across the nation, they are reporting that some people have been paying up to $20,000 in property taxes. Well, I nearly peed my pants when I heard that," Cannon added.

So what does the tax plan mean for Ada County?

"Their taxes aren't going to change. Their property taxes are still gonna be based on the assessed value from the accessors office," McIntyre added.

She stresses that she nor her office cannot offer people advice on what to do. The tax plan is one of the most extensive rewrites in three decades.