New Nampa mayor takes oath at city hall

Posted at 9:57 PM, Jan 02, 2018
and last updated 2018-01-02 23:57:40-05

Nampa has a new mayor. Debbie Kling was sworn in Tuesday evening at the Nampa City Council meeting.

Kling is the second woman to lead the city and the 28th mayor of the City of Nampa. She beat incumbent Bob Henry last November.

"It's a long process getting here, Kling said.  "So its exciting for this day to finally come. "

 She vowels during her first couple of months in office to work closely with the public.

"Phase one is the assessment period. It's about creating community connections, listening to the public,  validating and learning from staff." 

She stresses that she will have an open door policy so everyone's opinions should be heard.

One Nampa native and business owner Adam Haynes said he is excited to have new leadership.

"I would like to see an awareness of our growing downtown. Street quality is a big one getting to and from places on quality roads," Haynes said.

Kling said she understands Hayne's concerns and will add them to her growing list of issues facing the city. 

"Another thing I hear is related to crime, and we need more police on the street.  So public safety is a high priority along with streets and infrastructure," Kling added

"I think she has the tools in front of her and the track record to get us there," Haynes said.

Kling said she will lay out a ten-year plan after her assessment period. She said there will be three phases assessment, communication, and target.