New legislative tracking guide available to help the public learn more about the process

Posted at 11:13 PM, Jan 05, 2021
and last updated 2021-01-06 10:59:47-05

IDAHO — The Meridian Anti-Drug Coalition and Community Coalitions of Idaho have collaborated to bring a new resource to help community members learn more about the legislative session.

The new tool is a legislative tracking brochure. It gives information on how you can track a bill, defines some legislative terms, types of lobbying there are, provides the websites on how you can stream the video/audio hearings, and how to get involved in testifying in those hearings.

"It's a quick, easy guide that can be from a basic level to a more in depth level of testifying for legislation that you feel strongly about," Kendall Nagy, Director of the Meridian Anti-Drug Coalition, said.

The Meridian Anti-Drug Coalition said they've heard from the public that it could be overwhelming to follow the legislative session over the past years.

"People want to learn more. A lot of times, they'll hear about a specific policy and wonder how that came into place. They want to learn more, but like I said, they are intimidated by once the sessions starts how quickly it moves, how to contact their representatives, identify their district that are within their city," Nagy said.
"There's just so much information flowing so quickly. they don't know where to start."

Nagy said hard copies are also available. You can also head the Idaho Office of Drug Policy and the Community Coalitions of Idaho websites to access the brochure.