New Idaho Humane Society facility opens Tuesday

Posted at 4:32 PM, Nov 14, 2019
and last updated 2019-11-14 20:07:32-05

BOISE — The Idaho Humane Society is getting a much-needed upgrade.

$15 million later, the new shelter is ready for all adoptions, humane education, and the veterinary clinic. This facility fixes the previous issues the vets face trying to provide the necessary care.

“We had a limited number of tables," said communications manager Kristine Schellhaas, "we would take care of our urgent animals that are shelter animals with any hot medical issues they had, however, the great majority just needed spays and neuters, so they got bumped the back."

One of the biggest benefits is the space it provides for cats, there are nearly 45 kennels at the new facility, and they’re almost twice as big.

The dogs are also getting much-needed improvements to their spaces, as well.

"It's got great natural lighting, it's got a great H-VAC system which will help keep the kennel cough at bay," said Schellhaas.

The Idaho Humane Society works with shelters across the states, and they’re hoping with the added space, they can be a rescue hub.

“We bring in animals from Jerome, Twin Falls, Burley, Payette, because the animals don’t have anywhere to go to be adopted or they need veterinary medical care, and we’re able to both of that here," said Schellhaas.

Even with more space for more animals, the goal is still the same; getting them out of the kennels and into forever homes.

“Our animals' length of stay is going to be dramatically shortened because we’re able to take care of them in a quick and efficient manner,” said Schellhaas.